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Ségalen Adeline Ostéopathe D.O.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic approach for the loss of mobility in joints and tissues. In other words, it is a treatment method that uses mindful palpation to detect any restricted mobility in the joints, ligaments or muscles that could affect the body’s balance overall.

Who is it for?

An osteopath can treat anyone from infants to the elderly, including pregnant women. The practitioner will adapt the treatment to a person’s age, morphology and the area of the body to be treated and will always choose the technique that will be the most comfortable for each patient from the numerous techniques they have mastered.

What happens at an osteopathy appointment?

An osteopath has acquired specific skills and an in-depth knowledge of the human body. At each appointment, the osteopath will always start by taking the patient’s medical history and studying any radiological and biological examination results. Using specific palpation tests, the osteopath will examine the zones presenting with restricted movement, to which he/she will restore mobility. The osteopath will treat the whole body using a range of techniques.

A consultation lasts 45 minutes on average.

You do not need a medical prescription to see an osteopath.


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