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During birth, a baby is subjected to strong compressions. The bones in the skull compress to allow the baby to pass through its mother’s pelvis. In most cases, the skull regains its shape naturally, but occasionally some malformation may persist.

Don’t delay coming to see an osteopath. The earlier your child is seen, the more effective the treatment will be. Your baby’s osteopathy session will be very gentle. The practitioner will ensure the baby is comfortable at all times.

After the session, your child is likely to be tired, but mainly very relaxed.

Osteopathy is never a replacement for paediatrics or other disciplines.

Collaboration is often necessary to obtain the best result. I have also been trained in physiological babywearing for babies and children.

Using a very gentle treatment, an osteopath can help your baby if:

  • he/she has a misshapen head (plagiocephaly)

  • he/she cries a lot, is agitated

  • he/she has difficulty feeding and suffers from aerophagia

  • he/she cries after being fed, if she/he has a hard stomach or regurgitates a lot

  • he/she was in a breech, brow or face presentation

  • the use of ventouse or forceps was necessary

  • he/she was born by caesarean section

  • he/she always turns his/her head to the same side and frequently sleeps on the same side.

  • his/her hair is being worn away asymmetrically at the back of the head.

Pregnant women

An osteopathic treatment may benefit you if you are pregnant and are suffering from:

  • lower back pain

  • pain in the pubic region

  • sciatica: pain that travels down the legs

  • pain in the feet and hands (carpal tunnel, swelling etc.)

  • pain between the shoulder blades

  • pain at the nape of the neck

  • headaches

  • constipation and digestive disorders

  • pelvic instability

  • tightness in the chest and respiratory problems.

During their pregnancy, a lot of women experience pain associated with the numerous changes that are happening in their body.

After the birth, a woman’s body goes through some major adjustments and an osteopathy session shortly after your birth will help you to cope better with this time of great upheaval.

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